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The Stewart & Schmidlin Law Firm’s Fraud Lawyers are Able to Maintain an Extremely High Rate of Success

Fraud is a category of theft that includes crimes such as credit card fraud, insurance fraud, loan fraud, identity fraud, internet fraud, check fraud, and forgery fraud, among many others. Fraud is a serious charge that can have severe consequences. The fraud lawyers with the Stewart & Schmidlin Law Firm have extensive experience defending clients from fraud allegations and are committed to providing an aggressive defense on your behalf. In these types of cases it is essential to have a fraud attorney attack early and attempt to get the case either dismissed or settled out of court. Because fraud cases usually involve mere monetary losses and the alleged victim is often only pursuing the recovery of his or her money, a skilled fraud attorney or criminal defense lawyer should be able to help get your case resolved before trial. If you’ve been charged or even accused of a fraud related crime, an experienced fraud lawyer will be able to help you, whether it is over a large amount of money or even an extremely small amount.

If you are being accused of fraud but no charges have yet been filed against you CALL US RIGHT AWAY. This is the most crucial time for a fraud attorney to get involved. These “pre-file” matters are very time sensitive and you may only have a very brief period of time to settle out of court. Our fraud attorneys have proven success in settling cases out of court and preventing charges from ever being filed. Our goal is to keep you out of the criminal court’s system so that you can move on with your life without the danger of a lengthy prison sentence hanging over your head. The Stewart & Schmidlin Law Firm’s fraud lawyers are able to maintain an extremely high rate of success keeping felony fraud allegations out of court, and being settled directly with the victim. Don’t forget, it’s easier to prevent a fraud charge from being filed than it is to receive a not guilty verdict in court if you’ve already been charged.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was created in 2002 and it mandates the separation of auditing and consulting businesses. The act was created in an attempt to restore public confidence in the investment market. As a result of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, numerous new fraud crimes have been created such as document destruction and tampering, certification of false financial statements, securities fraud, and attempt and conspiracy. Many of these federal crimes apply to both public and private companies, their directors, officers, and employees. Ever since 2002 and the creation of this act, penalties connected with fraud crimes and other white collar crimes have been much harsher. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire a criminal fraud attorney to represent your best interests.

If a fraud case goes to court, there is often no recovery of losses for the victim because a judgment is ordered. Because the judgment can include jail time, the victim can have a very difficult time recovering his or her losses because the accused is not in a position to be earning money. Settling out of court is beneficial for both parties; the victim has a better chance of recovering losses and the accused can avoid serving time in jail or prison.

However, even if it’s too late to come to an informal resolution outside of the courtroom, it is certainly not too late to have a fraud attorney help you. Our criminal defense lawyers have achieved amazing results in fraud cases during the pre-file stage as well as in the courtroom. We have been able to get fraud cases completely dismissed, or have client’s who were looking at long prison sentences end up with only probation. So if you’ve been accused or charged with fraud, call us immediately to find out how a fraud attorney can help you.

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