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While there is no fixed definition for what constitutes a white collar crime, the term is generally used to refer to a number of non-violent crimes that are grouped together. These crimes typically have cheating or dishonesty as their common element, and the cases are frequently complex and technical. Typically they are financial crimes.

Not every criminal defense attorney or criminal law firm is qualified to defend white collar criminal charges, due to the complex and unique nature of these crimes. However, all of our criminal lawyers have the experience and knowledge to provide a powerful and effective legal defense for charges of this nature. At times there can be questionable evidence against the client, which doesn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our client is guilty. If this is the case, our criminal attorneys will be there to exploit every weakness in the prosecution’s case. If you’ve already confessed we may be able to get your confession thrown out of court, depending on the circumstances. We will explore every avenue in minimizing or eliminating the penalties you could be facing.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF A WHITE COLLAR CRIME BUT HAVE NOT BEEN CHARGED YET, CALL US IMMEDIATELY. White collar crimes such as embezzlement are the best possible candidates for an out of court resolution. If we act very quickly and negotiate with the victim of the crime, our criminal attorneys may be able to prevent the police from ever getting involved. If the police have been contacted, we still may be able to prevent formal charges from being filed in court. Don’t make any statements without a criminal attorney, please contact us immediately


Many charges can revolve around fraud, including credit card fraud, insurance fraud, identity fraud, and Internet fraud, among others. Every fraud case is different. Most of our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience and have had much success defending many kinds of fraud charges. Read more…

Computer Crimes

While identify theft charges predominate this group, computer hacking, computer fraud, and other allegations of fraud perpetuated through a computer can be called computer crimes. All require a technically aware and detailed computer defense lawyer for you to be effectively defended.


Embezzlement is the theft from one’s employer. Embezzlement charges can be charged for any amount of money and frequently include credit card fraud, stealing of either small amounts over time or a single, large amount and may also include bookkeeping manipulation. The employer, who files the police report, can attempt to withhold your salary until the case is resolved, and this can result in serious financial difficulties. Having an embezzlement defense attorney negotiate with the employer may give you a chance to avoid prosecution. The case can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the amount alleged to have been taken, and penalties for embezzlement can be very severe. Read more…


Usually an offense limited to gaining money through extortion or other means by people who are part of an illegal operation. When businesses that are considered illegal, conduct illegal operations, the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Act, RICO, can be used to prosecute the offenders. Read more…


Obtaining goods or services by means of threats or threatening behavior, including bribes and blackmail. Considered a felony offense, anyone convicted of extortion is subject to up to four years of jail and fines of $10,000 or more. Read more…

All Other White Collar Crimes

Since there is no actual, legal definition of white collar crime, many crimes can be considered to fall in this category. If you’ve been accused of any crime, please contact us at 919-300-6494 to arrange a consultation with a criminal defense attorney. Not only will we review your case with you, we can advise you of what can happen to you and work quickly to get you the best possible outcome.