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Child abuse is a general term that usually encompasses many types of criminal conduct. Child abuse charges may be classified as one or more of several different violent crimes committed on a child such as sex crimes like child trafficking, child kidnapping, underage labor, luring/enticing, child molestation, child custody interference, conveyance of a child, child neglect/battery, and exposure to controlled substances. Child abuse is considered to be a very serious crime and is often considered a heinous crime. People accused are often treated as second rate citizens and looked down upon in the community. Because this accusation is looked down upon so severely, it is especially important to have a skilled child abuse lawyer by your side. A good criminal defense attorney, who is familiar with child abuse defense, will investigate the family history, trying to determine why exactly the situation occurred, if it occurred at all.

In many child abuse cases, the person accused did not intend to break the law. Child abuse charges are a sensitive subject because of the way different people in different cultures have been raised. People are raised differently, and the defendant’s own childhood may need to be examined in order to justify the situation. A criminal defense lawyer must understand these external factors and try to implement them in the defense.

With the enormous effort underway to stop the sexual predators across the country (specifically against children), many people are being arrested for charges and crimes that they did not actually commit. Also due to these efforts, false convictions and exaggerated sentences can arise for those falsely accused or those who receive harsher sentences than deserved. If you have received allegations of abusing a child in any way, you should contact us at Stewart, Schmidlin, Bullock & Gourley, PLLC, immediately. There is no substitute to an experienced, qualified child abuse defense attorney. Do not make the mistake of interpreting the laws on your own. The risks are high and the consequences are grave, so please contact our criminal defense law firm now for a free and confidential consultation.

Accusations of child abuse are typically made by very young boys and girls or their family members. Family members often have personal motives for making these accusations, such as revenge or obtaining custody of the child. In addition, children are very impressionable. This vulnerability can often be taken advantage of by family members who wish to have someone prosecuted. In other situations, a child’s imagination can blur the line between truth and make believe. Our child abuse defense attorneys will use all means necessary to expose these situations in order to ensure our clients’ freedom.

Despite the cruel nature of these false accusations, our child abuse attorneys have seen this happen many times and know exactly what to do to defend you in these unfortunate situations. We have handled child abuse cases successfully in the past and we know what it takes to defeat these accusations. Because of the seriousness of the charges, we must act swiftly and seriously in order to help ensure a positive outcome.

The child abuse attorneys at Stewart, Schmidlin, Bullock & Gourley, PLLC, know that negotiations and plea bargaining are an important part of the legal system. This principle is crucial when dealing with child abuse cases. Whether it be working with a prosecutor or negotiating with the police, our child abuse attorneys have experience in handling these matters outside of court to save your reputation and avoid any damage these accusations can cause.

Our child abuse lawyers have had an incredible level of success when it comes to avoiding the filing of criminal charges in these kinds of child abuse cases. Our chances for success rely primarily on how proactive our clients are in quickly hiring a child abuse defense lawyer before things spiral out of control, and the case gets to the prosecutor. Call us now!

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