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Extortion involves the attempt to gain money or services from someone by using threats, bribery, or intimidation. It differs from robbery in that during a robbery, a person’s money or possessions are taken from them by force, while in the case of extortion a person agrees to give money or possessions to someone in exchange for not revealing certain information or taking a harmful action. An extortion defense lawyer will understand the nuances of each charge and can develop a plan to provide you with the best representation possible. Extortion is considered a felony offense and carries severe penalties if you are convicted, including fines, prison, probation or parole, and restitution. Charges of extortion can be filed even if no money has changed hands. For this reason, it is important that you contact an extortion defense lawyer or criminal defense lawyer immediately if you have been accused of attempting to extort money from someone.

Most people immediately think of blackmail when talking about extortion. Blackmail occurs when someone threatens to reveal a secret, harm an individual or his family, or jeopardize a business unless money is paid to the blackmailer. Extortion can also involve bribing an official by offering money in exchange for a service. The threat does not have to involve a criminal act and does not have to actually be carried out in order to be considered extortion. A criminal defense attorney can give you the protection and representation you need and will also know the best approach to take in handling your case. A third type of extortion is holding someone for ransom. In a ransom situation, one party demands money from another party in order to ensure the safe return of a child, friend, or family member. In each of these cases, the services of an experienced extortion defense lawyer can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal. Our criminal defense attorneys can help protect you from being assumed guilty and can uphold your right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

A criminal lawyer has the experience necessary to handle your case aggressively and ensure that you receive a fair trial. Our criminal lawyers will investigate the charges thoroughly, talk to the parties involved, and handle any negotiations. In some cases, the extortion attorney can negotiate dropping of charges, and in others, the charges can be reduced. No matter what the circumstances of your accusation and charges are, our criminal defense attorneys will stand with you to protect your rights and your freedom.

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