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We Aggressively Defend Against Violations Of Parole

Violation of parole can occur for many reasons. Whatever the circumstances, if you are facing charges for violating your parole, you may risk possible jail or prison time. Our experienced parole violation attorneys have the expertise to review all the aspects of your case and present an aggressive defense on your behalf. A parole attorney gathers evidence in favor of your case, acts as your representative at any interview and hearings, and establishes your case in a parole violation hearing. In some instances, a criminal attorney may not be able to attend a hearing if not contacted quickly enough; therefore, time is of the essence.

Clients are often confused over the conditions of their parole. Misunderstandings are common over geographical limits, curfews, appointment times, possession of alcohol or legal drugs, and employment issues. A criminal attorney can help you understand the conditions of your parole. Typical parole standards require reporting to a parole officer, remaining drug-free, obeying all laws, not associating with felons, maintaining employment, paying child support and not changing your address without notifying the parole officer. Problems with these issues can lead to having your parole changed or revoked by the paroling authority. Let our parole attorney experts be your advocates in all parole violation matters and ensure that your freedom is fully defended.

The parole violation and revocation process varies widely and is not well documented, leading to widespread misinformation and confusion. Violation of parole can often be unintentional in these cases. The consequences of such mistakes are very serious, often leading to a revocation of parole. Revocation of parole usually means that offenders must finish their original sentences. Don’t let the complexity of the system trip you up. Get help from knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys. It’s vital to secure the services of a successful parole attorney who has dealt with the complexity of the system. Criminal defense lawyers have the skills to help you understand your rights under any type of parole violation charge.

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Our criminal defense lawyers will concentrate on the key issues of your defense. Common violations of parole may include failure to check in with a parole officer, failure of drug screening or testing, or committing a felony or a misdemeanor. If a parole violation court hearing occurs, the offender may be warned, be subject to certain penalties or be sentenced to jail or prison time. Our criminal defense attorneys provide the best representation for your case and present an all-out fight to win the best possible outcome and avoid any further penalties. Send us an online inquiry or call Stewart, Schmidlin, Bullock & Gourley, PLLC, in Smithfield at 919-989-8900 for a confidential consultation at no charge to you.