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Molestation may be classified as several different sex crimes such as, lewd conduct with a minor, criminal sexual conduct, child sexual abuse, lewd and lascivious acts and many more. Molestation is considered to be one of the world’s worst crimes. While murder is usually the only crime punishable by death, molestation and related sex crimes are often considered even more heinous than murder, and the person accused is thought of as truly monstrous. There is no crime that prosecutors despise more than molestation and few crimes are prosecuted as aggressively. This leads to many false convictions, exaggerated sentences, and ruined lives for those falsely accused or those who receive harsher sentences than deserved.

The United States was founded on principles of fairness and justice, and the “witch hunt” style of prosecution for molestation crimes is a direct violation of the principles of our country. The sex crime defense attorneys of Stewart, Schmidlin, Bullock & Gourley, PLLC, will NOT stand for this injustice and will never let an ambitious prosecutor get away with sending our clients to prison without just cause.

Most molestation related charges carry extremely severe punishments if convicted, typically many years in a state prison. To make matters worse, prison is a very dangerous environment for those convicted of sex crimes involving children. Most of these inmates are abused, assaulted, or often times even murdered. On top of that, most individuals convicted of sex crimes become registered sex offenders for life and will be forced to notify all neighbors that they are sex offenders and will be chastised and outcast for the rest of their lives. Because of this, it is absolutely crucial that our molestation attorneys fight exceptionally hard to defend you.

Our lawyers handle many sex crime cases and we know just how aggressive the prosecutors are going to be when they are attacking you. We are very prepared to do whatever is necessary to win in court, even if it means attacking the credibility of a young “victim.” Our ONLY allegiance is to our clients and protecting and ensuring their freedom. Unlike other criminal law firms out there, our defense lawyers at Stewart, Schmidlin, Bullock & Gourley, PLLC, are not scared to do the dirty work that is sometimes required to give a client the best possible chance at beating a molestation charge.

Accusations of molestation are typically made by very young boys and girls or their family members. Family members often have personal motivation for making these accusations, such as revenge or obtaining custody of the children. Despite the cruel nature of these false accusations our molestation attorneys have seen this happen many times. Our criminal defense team refuses to let something as tragic as this happen to any of our clients. Our molestation defense lawyers won’t hesitate to stand up to the person making the accusation, and inform them that making false accusations of molestation is a serious crime. We’ll uncover any motive that the accusing party may have and expose it to the prosecution. Being angry at someone is no excuse for taking away the rest of their life.

Other times it is the children themselves that are making accusations. It is our Firm’s belief that children don’t have much credibility. Children that are very young have vivid imaginations, and may mistake something they saw on television, in the movies, or even a dream for something that actually happened. Other times they may be angry for a particular reason, such as being disciplined, and may fabricate a story to get the adult “in trouble” without fully realizing how devastating the consequences can be. They can also be manipulated to lie by an adult who wishes to have someone prosecuted. Any molestation defense attorney at our criminal law firm will use all means necessary for exposing these situations to ensure our client’s freedom.

What differentiates Stewart, Schmidlin, Bullock & Gourley, PLLC, from other criminal defense attorneys out there is the willingness to do whatever it takes for our client to stay out of prison. Most other firms have a lot of reservations about aggressively defending someone accused of a sex crime…we don’t. We won’t hesitate to exploit any weakness in the credibility of the person making the accusation, whether it be a child or an adult. We will investigate every aspect of their character, including criminal history, grades in school, drug use, behavior problems, psychological problems, history of making similar claims, medication they may be taking, personal motivation for making accusations, sexual history, and anything at all relevant to defending you. Most other criminal lawyers may find these tactics unethical and beneath them, not us. The only thing we find unethical is not doing EVERYTHING possible to defend our client’s freedom.

If you’ve been accused of a sex crime but have not yet been formally charged, we can’t overemphasize the importance of calling us immediately. Molestation and sex crime cases are great candidates for out of court resolutions that don’t involve criminal prosecution. Despite the fact that the court system prosecutes sex crimes so incredibly aggressively, they are also aware of the damage that the court process can cause to children and families. Making a child testify in court about sexual abuse can be a very traumatizing experience. In order to avoid this, many times these issues can be resolved outside of court. If the police have not yet been called, we can negotiate with the family directly and attempt to convince them that prosecution is the wrong way to go about this. In the event that law enforcement is already involved, we may be able negotiate an agreement such as placement of a restraining order or other informal resolution.

Our molestation defense lawyers have had an incredible level of success when it comes to avoiding the filing of criminal charges in these kinds of molestation cases. Our chances for success rely primarily on how proactive our clients are in QUICKLY hiring a molestation defense attorney before things spiral out of control and the case gets to the prosecutor. Please call us immediately so we can have a free strategic consultation with you to plan the best course of action.

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