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Client Testimonials

Marcia Stewart Testimonials

“Marcia went above and beyond my expectations to help me and my family. She is an outstanding lawyer who I would fully recommend to anyone who needs someone they can depend on and trust to fight for them. She and her staff responded promptly to all questions and issues that I had, and made the court process a very positive one for me.”

“At a time that was very difficult for me, Marcia was not only well qualified but also kind. She listened to me and helped me in a most delicate case with my youngest child. Later, another case came up with my third child. In the end, everything worked out for the best. I was very happy with her performance and if I needed a lawyer again I would call Marcia.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve had so many lawyers throughout my life. While that’s bad for me, it’s good for you. Allows me to share with you this thorough assessment based on first-hand relative experience of how Marcia Stewart compares to so many practicing attorneys in NC. Simply put, she is far and away THE BEST! The best, regardless of financial investment but when you factor in how good she is and how reasonable her rates are, she’s in a league of her own. I was recently awarded more than I hoped for in a custody case over my 11-month-old son. By the way, I’m the father and there is without a doubt a certain bias that men face in custody disputes. Especially when the child is an infant. Nevertheless, despite my checkered past and everything else not in my favor, Marcia was able to get me full legal and primary physical custody whereas my wife must be supervised during her limited visits (2x per month). All for good reasons, my wife needs serious help. This was not my first encounter with Ms. Stewart. Many years ago, before I turned my life around, Marcia represented my first wife. She mopped the floor with me and the attorney I had in that case. I literally got NOTHING, and my ex was allowed to move to another state which made it nearly impossible to be involved in his life. I was so resentful but remember thinking at the time “I can’t stand what’s happening but if I EVER find myself in a situation like this, I hope the lawyer I hire is as good as her.” So, this time, when I realized I needed to get my son out of a toxic environment, she was my first call. I’ll be eternally grateful that she accepted my case and my little boy’s life will forever be better for it. If you need family law representation and reading this review, hire Marcia. Of all the many lawyers I’ve had for various things over the years, I can say with certainty, there isn’t another attorney I’ve seen that can do what she does. It’s almost Voodoo magic except it’s real and simple. She knows the law well and fights like hell for her clients. Especially when she considers the best interest of the child. As much as I despised her when I lost to her, she’s so good that I hired her and would gladly sell all my possessions if I needed to in order to pay for her counsel. Fortunately, that’s not the case and she’s LESS expensive than so many of the less competent lawyers I’ve had. If you want the best for your family, an attorney that will win, and who won’t bankrupt you, pray she will take your case. If you find out your spouse hired her, settle. DO NOT try to fight a custody case against Marcia Stewart. You will lose. You will waste a lot of money chasing false hope if your attorney tells you differently. I’ve seen it from both sides and am certain this is true. Want more validation that this is a great law firm? A friend of mine who spent his career as an SBI Officer and is now a high-ranking Fed uses this firm. He doesn’t even live in Johnston County and has been in court with top lawyers in the state for over 20 years. Yeah, if you want the best for your child, consider using the firm the Feds trust.”

“We had a custody issue with our niece and we on a very limited time frame due to school starting. Ms Stewart was great and everything worked out just as she said it would.

“Mrs. Stewart really knows her field. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional; and she’s a fighter too. Her prior experience as a judge also provided me with a unique and valuable bonus insight into my situation as she has seen both sides on process. I highly recommend her.”

“Ms Stewart is the 7th family-law attorney I’ve employed over the past 15 yrs to handle various child custody issues arising from 2 failed marriages. Of these 7, only 3 would I recommend to friends & family, & Marcia would be the 1st. As a lawyer myself, I find it hard to be fair in rating OTHER lawyers, especially when I’m paying for their services & at stake are my most cherished earthly relationships — those with my 6 kids. I always think my case is stronger, I should win, & it shouldn’t cost me much money, an entirely unrealistic attitude. Marcia has been the most frank & on point in bringing my expectations down to earth. Perhaps the most important of Marcia’s qualities, for me anyway, is her dedication to earning her pay. Not the least nor most expensive of my lawyers, she’s the only one who always & without exception delivered the results I felt I’d paid for. In fact, she delivered 3 of the 5 best outcomes I’ve enjoyed from the many custody issues I’ve had to litigate.”

“We came to know Marcia thru the recommendation of another lawyer. I will never forget our first appointment with her. We were in a panic and did not know what we could do to obtain custody of our 1 year old granddaughter. Her parents (our son and his girl friend) were not married and began making bad choices in their lifestyle and with the people they associated with. We met with Marcia and she immediately put us at ease. She was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable in this area of family law. She listened to our story and gave us sound legal advice and the assurance that we could pursue custody of our granddaughter. I would recommend Marcia to anyone who needs legal counsel in the area of family law.”

“Ms. Stewart has helped our son, a single dad, to get full custody of his son. She and her staff are always available, willing to help in any situation or with any question you have, believe me I had a lot of them. We have recommended her to many of our friend looking for legal advice. If you choose her you will be in good hands.”

“Ms. Stewart is a fantastic attorney who really fought hard in my case. She has excellent knowledge of the court system and provided sound advice and insight into my case. Even after the conclusion of my case I have kept in contact and she has provided answers to my legal questions, even though they are not in her expert field. If she doesn’t know the answer she finds it for me or puts me in contact with reputable attorneys who do!”

“I have used Marcia Stewart for several different cases related to personal issues and business. She knows more off the top of her head than other attorneys that I have used and she definitely puts her clients first. I have recommended her on more than several occasions and those people have been extremely pleased with her service also. She is fantastic in the courtroom! Personally, I would trust Marcia with any case that I had.”

“I cannot say enough good things about Marcia. She is caring, compassionate, smart and tough. Having her in my corner has given me great comfort during a very difficult time in my life. As good a lawyer as she is, she is an even better person. And that might be what makes her so special.”

“Marcia helped me so much, I would not have known what do do and where I would be now without her help. She is very professional and smart, knowing exactly what she does all the time! Chapeau! Would recommend her every time and always, thanks Marcia!”

Walter Schmidlin Testimonials

“We are very happy with Walter and the services he has performed for us as a Corporation. Walter has been able to get resolution on many issues that other (BIGGER) firms seem to drag their feet. It is refreshing to get your calls returned in a timely basis. Walter has proven himself as an excellent lawyer but also what I would term as a team member. There is no surprises – just results. Thanks Walter.”

“I have known Mr. Schmidlin for over five years. He has been our company attorney since our initial meeting. He is very dedicated to his clients and well respected in the community he serves. His staff is eager to assist my company in all of its needs in a timely and efficient manner. Mr. Schmidlin has always treated myself or anyone I have recommended to his office with genuine care and concern. I am always amazed at the broad range of law his firm deals with. I would highly recommend Mr. Shmidlin and his firm.”

“Hands down best lawyer in Johnston County!!! Understands and argues the law very professionally. If you need a hash mark in your win column, contact Walter!! Made us feel confident in our case and always assured we were in goods hands!”

“My highest possible recommendation! Few things in life can leave you more rattled that a legal problem, where you have no knowledge and can only fear the worst. Walter eased those fears at our first meeting. He was through and to the point in determining the situation of the case and it’s probable outcome. He was clear from the start about what would take place, both the good and bad, but left me certain that he cared about us as people, not just clients, and that he wanted to see justice done. It was a long and difficult process but one he never gave up on. In the end, he achieved exactly what he said he would and we never felt like our case was on his back burner. Again, my highest possible recommendation! ”

“I owe everything to Walter. Walter’s persistence, confidence, intelligence and experience far exceeded any expectations I could have ever had. Not only does he handle the case like a pro, but went above and beyond even after he fulfilled his duties. He believes in justice and will fight for you till the end. I was so lucky to have found him. Thank you Walter! ”

“Hiring the right Lawyer is Imperative. One of the most stressful ordeals you can go through is to face a legal matter and hiring the right attorney is imperative. I was referred to Walter Schmidlin and for good reason! His persistence and knowledge combined generated a successful outcome in my case. His communication with judges, law enforcement and state legal representatives is a valuable asset that sets him apart from a large pool of attorneys. In addition, Walter Schmidlin’s staff provides superior service by returning phone calls in a timely manner, assisting with any additional questions or concerns you may have and overall has a willingness to help attitude. Walter Schmidlin’s, integrity, intelligence and dedication is why I refer him to anyone that would seek the best possible outcome for their case. ”

“I have known Mr. Schmidlin for over five years. He has been our company attorney since our initial meeting. He is very dedicated to his clients and well respected in the community he serves. His staff is eager to assist my company in all of its needs in a timely and efficient manner. Mr. Schmidlin has always treated myself or anyone I have recommended to his office with genuine care and concern. I am always amazed at the broad range of law his firm deals with. I would highly recommend Mr. Schmidlin and his firm.”

“Only in Johnston County Court will you see this mess… WOW!!!!! But let me tell y’all something if you need an Attorney WALTER SCHMIDLIN is like something you see on TV…..MAN…..he makes Jack O’Hale look like he’s still in training…..wish I could afford him for my case!!!!!”

Steven Gourley Testimonials

“I HIGHLY recommend you hire Mr. Gourley from this establishment. He’s an amazing attorney for any situation. He was so kind and patient when reviewing my case. He helps you to the best of his ability, he listens to you, and he fought to have my case dismissed overall for a traffic citation. Give this guy a call if you need help, it’s worth it! Thank you Mr. Gourley for your help!”

“Mr. Gourley is an absolute god sent. He is hard working, fair, and most importantly strategic. His paralegal is friendly, knowledgeable and so encouraging. I promise you are in the very best hands with them. They’re the perfect team that truly won’t let you down.”

“Steven Gourley handled my case and exceeded my expectations. He communicated well and was straight forward. Obviously I hope I don’t have to use them again but heaven forbid I do, I’d most certainly be using Steven and the Stewart, Schmidlin, Bullock & Gourley, PLLC, law office again. I highly recommend their services!”