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We Believe That Imprisonment is Not the Solution For Those Accused of Drug Sales

Although drug sales charges have always been considered serious crimes, ever since the implementation of the “War on Drugs” campaign, the United States Government has spent billions of dollars to seek out and prosecute non-violent drug offenders to the fullest extent of the law with mandatory jail sentences and excessive fines. Anyone charged with drug importation, drug transportation, or drug sales of an illicit drug, excluding less than 28.5 grams of marijuana, is usually charged with a felony. A drug sales felony conviction can lead to a year or more in state prison and a permanent criminal record. Your vehicle, house or anything else tied to the drug sale could be taken away through forfeiture proceedings as well. Because of these serious ramifications it is crucial that you hire a drug sales attorney to defend you against such accusations. You may contact our criminal law firm for a drug sales consultation at any time.

Every year, thousands of mothers and fathers are taken from the home for non-violent drug offenses, leaving their children without parental guidance and economic stability. Out of necessity, these youths tend to repeat the same crimes, such as drug sales, as their parents. Parents or children who are charged with drug sales are not the world’s worst criminals. Harsh penalties have done nothing to decrease the amount of drug sales and trafficking in America, yet overzealous prosecutors still seek punishment such as prison time over rehabilitation. Prosecutors will have a much easier time achieving harsh punishments if they are not going up against drug sales lawyers who are skilled to fight against such charges. We look into every aspect of the defense to determine the strength and weaknesses of the case. Such defenses include illegal search and seizure amongst other constitutional violations that are common with drug sales arrests.

We believe that imprisonment is not the solution for those accused of drug sales. We understand that those accused of selling drugs are often times doing so to get by, not to get ahead. Even those who sell drugs may be doing so to feed an underlying addiction. Our drug sales attorneys will strive to show the district attorney and the judge that placing those suffering from substance abuse inside a prison will not solve the underlying problem. Our criminal justice system is based around rehabilitation; and it is our job to prove that drug sales charges should not necessarily result in prison time, but an alternative such as narcotics anonymous classes. We aggressively pursue preventing our clients from ever seeing the inside of a jail cell.

By looking into the specific facts of your drug sales case, we will determine whether evidence was obtained through proper protocol. If evidence was obtained illegally or statements are used against you illegally, we will do whatever it takes to have that evidence thrown out of the courtroom. Since you do not actually have to be caught selling drugs to be charged with drug sales, you can be arrested by police on evidence they consider conclusive like the possession of scales or having tinted windows. These charges are often exaggerated and lack evidence to pursue actual conviction through trial. Our criminal defense attorneys are not afraid to dig into the background of the investigating officers and pull up their records to determine if they were reprimanded in the past for disorderly conduct or discover if there are any personal biases which may have lead them to over-prosecute your case. If your case cannot be dismissed or prison time is inevitable, we will pursue avenues that will enable us to minimize your time in prison or jail or other state facility.

Our drug sales lawyers will do anything and everything within their power to defend you. We will coordinate all investigations into your case, gather character witnesses, and collect all the evidence possible to prove your innocence. Contact us at any time for a consultation.

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