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Defending DUI/DWI Charges In North Carolina

Law enforcement in Johnston County is very aggressive when it comes to arresting motorists for drunk driving. The officers may simply be conducting a normal traffic stop, but if they observe any evidence that the motorist had anything to drink before getting behind the wheel, they may begin a DUI investigation. Police may order the motorist to undergo a blood or breath test, and the results of these tests could lead to very serious issues for those who are over the limit. The elected District Attorney, Susan I Doyle, is a former MADD Prosecutor of the Year.

The lawyers at Stewart, Schmidlin, Bullock & Gourley, PLLC, provide strong representation to North Carolina motorists charged with DWI. Our attorney, Walter A. Schmidlin, served as a prosecutor before helping to start our law firm. He has extensive criminal trial experience, and a high success rate, fighting DWI charges, and will exhaust all options available to you when building your defense.

Standing Up For Your Rights Against Police And Prosecutors

The penalties for drunk driving include the loss of your license as well as jail time and high fines, and they increase with each subsequent DUI, DWI, OUI or OWI charge. You need to be sure that your attorney understands the issues in these cases, and will present an aggressive defense on your behalf.

Our legal team can immediately begin preparing your case. We will review all of the factors of your stop and arrest to ensure that your rights were respected. If police did not operate according to procedures set by statute, the North Carolina Constitution and the United States Constitution, we will attempt to have this evidence excluded from your case.

Throughout the entire process we will negotiate with prosecutors in an effort to minimize the penalties you may be facing. In some situations, and some very rare circumstances, we may be able to plead your cases down to lesser offenses, which can keep a DWI/DUI off of your record.

You may not realize how important it is to work with an attorney as part of your case. Do not give the police or prosecutors any information that they may be able to use against you until you have talked to one of our lawyers.

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